About our Current Students

Madinah Luqmaan is currently a senior in the IUB BSW program.

She received the 2015  Undergraduate Building Bridges Award at IUB's annual Martin Luther King Day Memorial Breakfast. She was nominated by her Social Work mentor, Ms. Jennifer Poe, the Associate Director of the Hudson & Holland Scholars Program and another social worker.  Through her efforts on diversity education, homelessness, gay marriage rights, and tutoring and mentoring underprivileged children, Madinah is on her way to being a voice for change.  As an Executive Council Member of the Commission on Multicultural Understanding, she has helped to  fund and sponsor projects in the community and on campus that promote diversity and create an inclusive environment. Madinah is also a  committee member of Teachable Moments which organizes events in response to negative incidents on campus to transform them into positive learning experiences.  As a team member of the STAND Campaign, she help raised $16,000 to make t-shirts about anti-bullying, hatred, and intolerance that were distributed to students at IUB's Culture Fest .

Madinah is already a  top student leader at IUB promoting diversity education and multicultural understanding. She has also earned numerous academic honors and is a Founders Scholar, a Hutton Honors student, as well as a Hudson & Holland Scholar who received their Distinguished Scholarship award.  She is also a recipient of the Kenneth R. R. Gros Louis and the Delta Sigma Theta Scholarships. Madinah has been accepted into the MSW Program at the University of Michigan, where she hopes to do her internship in neo-natal intensive care.