Course Requirements

The curriculum for the BSW degree consists of a minimum of 120 credit hours provided through required and elective courses.  Of these 120 credit hours, 52 credit hours are required social work courses.  The remainder of the required credit hours are earned through general education requirements and elective courses. 

The BSW program is offered in multiple locations throughout the Indiana University School of Social Work system. Each IU campus has general education requirements in addition to the requirements for the BSW degree.  Consult the BSW advisors on the appropriate campus to determine these requirements that must be fulfilled for graduation.

Students are advised to follow the Sample Plan (PDF, > 1MB) as closely as possible as courses are offered in sequence. Students may also consult the Schedule of Classes ( to see when courses are typically scheduled to be offered on the IU Bloomington campus. Students admitted to Indiana University Bloomington prior to first summer session 2011 are advised to discuss their degree requirements with a social work program advisor.