Indiana University is proud to partner with community agencies in the education of Social Work Students. During students’ practicum experiences, students learn to integrate what they have learned in the classroom with real life situations in the field. Partner organizations provide this positive learning environment for students, where they can grow and develop into professional Social Workers.

A practicum experience is required as part of your MSW program. Choosing a field placement is a collaborative process with the MSW Field Coordinator in which you are able to identify your interests for professional learning and growth.

Field placements are during business hours. The first field placement (SWK-S 555) is 20 hours per week for one semester in Spring of Year 1 (waived for Advanced Standing). Concentration year field placement (SWK-S 651 & SWK-S 652) is 20 hours per week for two semesters in a mental health & addictions agency setting.  Students may choose to do a block placement for the concentration practicum (40 hours per week for one semester).

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